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Cloud Computing Continues to Trend Upward

Cloud Computing is no longer the "next big thing" - it's here and it's going to stay. The futurists weren’t right about everything, though. What we’re seeing is an increase in cloud adoption, but rather than wholesale migrations, companies are choosing the aspects of cloud-based IT that will serve their needs now, and keeping the…
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Offices Without Walls – The Mobile Workplace Revolution

Advances in cloud and mobile computing technology have made it possible to have an office without walls – something that would not have seemed possible just a few years ago. Local Area Networks (LANs) revolutionized work within offices because they enabled everyone on the network instantaneous access to the same applications and data. Now this…
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Don’t Avoid the IT Migration That Can Benefit Your Business

Most businesses can’t afford to be shut down while a major migration takes place, and this can make things tricky. This is no reason to avoid doing it, though Sometimes, it's time to move IT functions from one place to another. It could be from one machine to another, one environment to another or one…
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4 Tips to Control IT Costs at Your Business

One of the keys to success for any business is to control costs. Technology can help reduce costs through added efficiency and agility, but sometimes companies find it a challenge to control the costs of their IT department itself. Here are some tips on controlling those IT costs. Keep Infrastructure up-to-date and control your IT costs…
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